Build a Product become a Developer

A better mindset for getting your first job.

Looking for you first job as a developer is a very difficult task. Especially if the only experience you have at the moment is Bootcamp, College, or online courses and self study. Many new developers often wonder, “How can I get that experience that everyone wants?”

There are lots of great answers to this question floating around the internet. This book focuses on just one of them that will make you stand out among others in a pool of candidates.

You might have heard the advice, “just build things that’s how you learn!” This is very good advice and it is absolutely a great way to learn. However to get that edge you need to be able to talk about what you’re building on a deeper level. You can talk about some projects you have coded on your own but that will only interest your potential employer for a short time. They’ve got tons of people telling them about projects that are super similar to what you’re talking about in the interview.

My book is going to show you how to build Products instead of Projects. This is aimed at getting you to not only learn how to use the tech you’ve been practicing with but also to work with others, read and review other peoples code, practice some agile methodologies and generate the real experience that employers want to see. Building a product that can add value to someone else's life, even if you don’t make any money off of it will always be more interesting than the 100th CRUD app you’ve built to show you can code.

Here is a quick look at some of the things you will be learning in this book:

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